Auricularis Superior

Claudia Molitor, Auricularis Superior, sketch

Saturday 14 October 2017, 47.30pm
The Tetley
Day 3 → Auricularis Superior with Claudia Molitor

In association with hcmf// we present a newly commissioned sound work by Claudia MolitorAuricularis Superior is a work dedicated to the late Pauline Oliveros that allows its participants the opportunity to sit somewhere, or amble indirectly, whilst listening intently; changing established relationships between listener(s), sound and space. The work will be launched at The Tetley where participants can stream the work to their own devices or borrow equipment from the gallery assistants. Afterwards the work will be available online for everyone to experience in their own time and place.

Designed to be listened on headphones, in a comfortable place.


The Tetley
Hunslet Road
Leeds LS10 1JQ

Listening after Pauline Oliveiros