Alongside her work on Deep Listening, Oliveros’ work pursued the next technology, for example anticipating the internet through forms of telematic and networked performance, or in developing the Expanded Instrument System. These practices of listening with technology as ways of inviting transformation, of facing and renewing the future, appear intertwined in her writing and her music.

In tribute to Pauline Oliveros, who died in November last year, this three-day symposium and programme brings together musicians, artists, theorists,  curators and scholars to explore modes of listening, in particular the relation of listening and attunement to perceptions of  change and transformation.

Call for Proposals

How might listening change what is heard? How does Deep Listening change the listener? Can listening change our ways of being together, both politically (perhaps following Oliveros’ involvement in the Occupy movement) and in everyday social life?

We invite proposals for papers, presentations or performances considering the relationships between listening, aurality, technology, and modes of change or futurity. Subject areas might include:

  • Duration, listening and boredom
  • Depth, sleep, dreaming, listening and the prophetic
  • Listening prostheses and mnemotechnics
  • Post-human theory, cybernetics and aurality
  • Future studies and the philosophy of time
  • Time delays in electronic music and network latencies
  • Listening and net neutrality

Proposals of 250–300 words should be sent as a PDF to Sam Belinfante and should clearly indicate whether they are for a spoken paper or performance, and must include email address for contact, and any technical requirements.


The deadline for proposals is Monday 11 September 2016. Decisions on proposals will be communicated by Monday 18 September 2017

Listening after Pauline Oliveiros