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Claudia Molitor

Claudia Molitor at Field Studies, 2014

Auricularis Superior… or Let your Ear Muscles roam —

Our listening is inescapably situated, multi-modally embodied and via our imagination and emotions it transports us elsewhere in time and space. No wonder we are so enthralled by the experience of listening.

Weaving together stories and music Auricularis Superior takes the listener on a journey that responds to the site of the Hepworth Gallery and the Calder, and to the theme of our ‘meditation’, Listening After Oliveros.

Claudia Molitor is a composer and artist whose work draws on traditions of music and sound art but also extends to video, performance and fine art practices. Exploring the relationships between listening and seeing as well as embracing collaboration as compositional practice is central to this work.

Her work is regularly commissioned, performed and broadcast throughout Europe, working for example with festivals such as Wien Modern, hcmf//, Spor, BBC Proms and Sonica as well as organisations such as Tate Britain, NMC Recordings and the Science Museum. Recent work includes Sonorama with Electra Productions, Turner Contemporary and the British Library, which received a British Composer Award, Vast White Stillness for Spitalfields Festival and Brighton Festival, The Singing Bridge, installed at Somerset House during Totally Thames and Walking with Partch for Ensemble MusikFabric.

Listening after Pauline Oliveiros