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Ed McKeon

Ed McKeon (with IONE): Listening Changing Itself – a Future for Pauline Oliveros. What might we become when we listen to Pauline Oliveros listening to us listening to the future? Alongside a presentation of Pauline’s Song for Margrit (1997) by IONE, Ed McKeon invites us to lend her our ears, through a reflection on otobiography, plastic listening, and Catherine Malabou’s rethinking of difference.

Ed McKeon is a music curator, producer, visiting lecturer and occasional writer and broadcaster on contemporary music. Co-director of Third Ear Music, he has over 20 years’ experience of producing and commissioning music and mixed media events, festivals and tours, and bringing together contemporary music and arts practitioners through collaborations and an annual symposium. He has worked with artists from Brian Eno to Evan Parker, the Polish Radio Choir to Heiner Goebbels, and Jennifer Walshe to Matthew Herbert. He was co-Artistic Director of the British Composer Awards (2014–17), a Board member for NMC Records, and a Trustee of The Hinrichsen Foundation. His research on the aesthetics of music production and curation is funded through the AHRC and the Midlands 3 Cities programme and based at the School of Media and School of Art at Birmingham City University.

Listening after Pauline Oliveiros