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IONE, Romantso, Athens, documenta 14, photo: Stathis Mamalakis

Dream Specialist IONE will be present throughout the whole programme and speak and perform on a number of occasions. On Day 3, she will introduce Listening in Dreams, a unique practice she has created that has seeded Dream Communities worldwide. A Dream Meditation will take place in the latter part of the evening, during which IONE’s voice will be heard in ​musician and ​acoustician Jonas Braasch​’s​ acoustic simulation of the Fort Warden Cistern in the US-location of Pauline Oliveros’ Deep Listening Band's first recordings, which will be streamed live live from Creative Lab at Rensellear, Troy, NY.

Participants are invited to explore Deep Listening ​​​​throughout the evening​,​ ​returning to their own beds for overnight listening and dreaming. They will be encouraged to ​​include periods of quiet and contemplation and even silence upon waking, continuing up to ​a group sharing ​session the following ​morning.

IONE is a writer, director, and an improvisational text and sound artist. A specialist in dreams and the creative process, she teaches and performs around the world. Formerly the artistic director of the Deep Listening Institute, Ltd., she is currently the director of the Ministry of Maåt, Inc. (MoM, Inc.), and is a dream facilitator for the DL Certification Program at The Center for Deep Listening at the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in Troy, NY.

She is the author of Pride of Family: Four Generations of American Women of Color; Nile Night: Remembered Texts from The Deep; Listening in Dreams; This is a Dream! A Handbook for Deep Dreamers; and Spell Breaking: Remembered Ways of Being. She is playwright and director of Njinga the Queen King: The Return of a Warrior; director and librettist of Io and Her and the Trouble with Him: A Dance-Opera; and the director of The Lunar Opera: Deep Listening For_Tunes. She wrote Oracle Bones: Mirror Dreams and the experimental narrative film Dreams of the Jungfrau—all with music by Oliveros.

IONE wrote the concept and text and will direct The Nubian Word for Flowers with sound design by Pauline Oliveros, opening at Roulette Intermedium in Brooklyn, NY in November 2017.

Listening after Pauline Oliveiros