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John Mowitt

The topic, 'Listening After Pauline Oliveros,' draws attention to perhaps her signature preoccupation: listening.  In my remarks I sound the connection between 'deep listening' and what Pierre Schaeffer understood by 'reduced listening,' and propose that Oliveros' compositional practice entertains a synonymy between 'deep' and 'queer,' a synonymy that situates music on the folded surface joining both 'deep ecology,' and 'depth psychology.

Professor John Mowitt holds the Leadership Chair in the Critical Humanities at the University of Leeds. He is the author of several books, including Sounds – The Ambient Humanities,  Radio: Essays in Bad ReceptionPercussion: Drumming, Beating, Striking, and Re-takes: Postcoloniality and Foreign Film Languages.

Listening after Pauline Oliveiros