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Don Ihde

How Does Technology Transform Our Perception? – A conversation with Don Ihde from LoVid on Vimeo.

Listening: Sonification in Music, Science and Postphenomenology
The end of the 19th century and early 20th century saw a proliferation of new imaging technologies, both acoustic and visual.  I look at this history with regard to visualism and acousticism in both art and science. Postphenomenology is ‘whole body and multidimensional’ with respect to bodily perception and the analysis of both art and science imaging will follow this emphasis.  Examples will range from the Ice Age to the 21st century and draw from both art and science praxes.

Don Ihde is Distinguished Professor of Philosophy at the State University of New York at Stony Brook. From his ground-breaking Listening and Voice (1976) to Acoustic Technics  (2015), he has pioneered ways of thinking through and with sound and technology, becoming a key figure in the move to post-phenomenology. The author of 22 original books and the editor of many others, his works and articles have appeared in a dozen languages. Ihde lectures and gives seminars internationally, though this is a rare appearance in the UK. He received the Golden Eurydice Award in 2013.

Listening after Pauline Oliveiros