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Chris A. Wright

Passage for Bees, 2015

Chris A. Wright is a transdisciplinary artist, researcher and writer based in the UK exhibiting nationally and internationally primarily using sculpture, installation, sound, film and sometimes pseudo-scientific experiments. As part of my practice, I have sailed paper boats down the Mekong River, the official border between Thailand and Laos to look past the ambiguity of borderlines; blown across a bottle top in a fjord in Norway to test the limits of sound; recorded 400,000 bees going into hives in Birmingham, used a neon pink aquarium amplified with a guitar amp to hear the inside of the bubbles and hummed in a crypt in Sardinia with an American researcher.

With a practice-led PhD in Fine Art and Philosophy,  my work tends to lie at that intersection with my main interests in borders and marginal spaces, political and social engagement, materials and process. Currently focusing on sound and its relationship to space (and, by implication, time) and body. A Collective Intake of Breath explores the moment, inherently and intricately linked to space and time. where silence becomes sound and sound becomes silence focusing on the act of humming both individually and collectively.

Passage for Bees was commissioned for the Outrider project by Salt Road in 2015. A precursor to my work on human humming, it is the sound of the humming of over 400,000 bees flying in and out of their hives interspersed with the gentler sound of birds singing and geese flying overhead at Winterbourne House, Birmingham.

Listening after Pauline Oliveiros