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Amy Beeston

Amy Beeston, image by Angela Guyton

Amy Beeston is a postdoctoral research fellow in Music Psychology at the University of Leeds, and a visiting academic in Computer Science at the University of Sheffield. Her preoccupation with machine listening arose while studying Sonology in The Hague, where she created audio installations that responded to sounds made by visitors in the space. Finding it hard to reliably move these works (but not her own ears) from one room to another, she eventually embarked upon a doctorate to study perceptual compensation for reverberation in human listeners and machines. Her research interests include bio-inspired auditory modelling, hearing impairment, and the use of live audio analysis techniques in sound art and music performance. She is a co-founding member of SONA and the Yorkshire Sound Women Network which aims to inspire more women and girls to explore sound and music technology.

Amy Beeston online.

Listening after Pauline Oliveiros