David Toop
Helen Frosi
Joseph Kohlmaier + Melanie Pappenheim

Stefan Kraus

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Field Studies 2014

Field Studies is a four-day masterclass led by acclaimed international artists and composers, complemented by a programme of workshops, evening lectures, screenings and performances. First taught in 2010 and originally conceived as a field-recording course exploring sound in the context of architecture and the city, Field Studies attracts students from many different backgrounds due to the course’s eccentric curriculum and the people who teach it.

Field Studies is an opportunity to learn how sound can be recorded; how hearing affects the way we perceive places and space; and how ‘sound’ can operate as a paradigm and starting point in creative practice and discourse. At the same time, the question of sound tends to move to the periphery as the course develops, in favour of other questions that may be about music, notation and choreography; recording and observation; public space, citizenship, or simple acts such as cooking and eating together.

Field Studies is organised by Musarc, a research and teaching programme led by Joseph Kohlmaier at The Cass Faculty of Art, Architecture and Design, London Metropolitan University. Musarc explores performance and composition in relation to the creative process; investigates listening in the context of architecture and the city; and has at its heart one of London’s most progressive amateur choirs.

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David Toop

David Toop

David Toop is a composer/musician, author and curator based in London who has worked in many fields of music, writing and listening practice. He has recorded Yanomami shamanism in Amazonas, appeared on Top of the Pops, exhibited sound installations internationally, and performed with artists including John Zorn, Evan Parker, Bob Cobbing, Ivor Cutler, Akio Suzuki, Elaine Mitchener, Lore Lixenberg, Rie Nakajima and Max Eastley. His published books include Ocean of Sound, Haunted Weather, and Sinister Resonance. He has released eight solo albums, including Screen Ceremonies, Black Chamber and Sound Body, and as a theorist and critic has written for many publications. Exhibitions he has curated include Sonic Boom at the Hayward Gallery, London, Playing John Cage at Arnolfini, Bristol, and Blow Up at Flat-Time House, London. His opera – Star-shaped Biscuit – was performed in Aldeburgh in 2012 and he is currently writing Into the Maelstrom: Improvised Music and the Pursuit of Freedom. He is University of the Arts London Chair of Audio Culture and Improvisation.

Helen Frosi

Helen Frosi

Helen Frosi in an artist and curator who has found herself in many roles, inside and outside of the art world. Her work is preoccupied with the idea of the gift, especially within collaborative and cross-disciplinary practice, and motivated by an interest in the creative, social, and political dimension of sound. In 2010 Helen set up Soundfjord, London’s first project space entirely dedicated to sound. Since 2013, Soundfjord has been operating as an extended network and curatorial platform that promotes and interrogates sound practice within the arts – often in purposefully tangential ways, through ideological cross-pollination and experimental collaboration with many different individuals and organisations. Helen is currently co-curating curatorial interventions with Kostis Kylimis as Either Ear, and DIY audio-visual events with Leslie Deere as Shorts For all Seasons. Under the moniker Postcards from the Volcano, Helen curates and produces one-off radio shows for SonicaFM, as well as immersive sonic environments with Stephan Barrett. Helen is an honorary research fellow at Goldsmiths, University of London (Unit for Sound Practice Research), and curator-in-residence at Octopus, Cumbria.

Joseph Kohlmaier

Joseph Kohlmaier

Photo by Chryssa Panoussiadou

Joseph Kohlmaier is the founding director of Musarc. He started Field Studies and has been running the course since 2011. He works as an artist, teacher and graphic designer whose work ranges from public art projects to education, writing, performance and composition. Born in Austria, Joseph studied photography at the Schule für Künstlerische Photographie in Vienna and architectural history in London, where he gained a masters degree in 2005 and where he now teaches as a senior lecturer in the history and theory of architecture and runs the MA by Project: Course in poetics. He is one of the founding directors of graphic design practice Polimekanos. He founded Musarc, one of London’s most progressive amateur choirs, in 2008 and acts as its creative director.

Melanie Pappenheim

Melanie Pappenheim

Melanie Pappenheim is a singer and performer. Always interested in combining music with visual art, she has devised work with numerous leading multimedia groups including DV8 Physical Theatre, Lumiere & Son and The Shout. She appeared as the solo singer/actor in the award winning A Ring A Lamp A Thing at the ROH by playwright Caryl Churchill and composer Orlando Gough and also at the ENO as Elizabeth I in Dr Dee by Damon Albarn and Rufus Norris. Her voice has inspired many contemporary composers such as Gavin Bryars, Graham Fitkin and her long time collaborator Jocelyn Pook – she was the soloist in Pook’s highly acclaimed Hearing Voices, directed by Emma Bernard, performed at the QEH in December 2012 with the BBC concert orchestra. Melanie’s voice can be heard on countless TV and film scores including Gangs Of New York, Eyes Wide Shut and Dr Who – she was the soloist in the first ever Dr Who Prom in 2008. She runs her own company Flam Productions with fellow singer Rebecca Askew, composes music for plays and radio drama and has created several sound installations with Echo City stalwart Giles Perring. With Musarc, Melanie realised Sweet Dreams in July 2013 and worked with the ensemble on Jephte and the passion of Lagamas in March 2014. Melanie’s solo piece FALLING, co-commissioned by MK Gallery and IF, premièred at Milton Keynes Gallery in July 2014.

Keynote talk/performance

To be announced soon


Stefan Kraus

Stefan Kraus

Photo by Ludovic des Cognets

Stefan Kraus is an independent artist and director of graphic design practice Polimekanos. He worked in London for Imagination, Nick Bell Design and for Duncan Baird Publishers. Before moving to England in 1997, Stefan studied at the Hochschule der Bildenden Künste Saarbrücken in Germany, where he received his degree, and also for one year at the Beaux-Arts de Nancy in France. His main focus of his studies were fine art, art theory and design.


Field Studies
Mon 30 March – Thu 2 April 2015

The Cass Faculty of Art, Architecture and Design
London Metropolitan University
Central House
59-63 Whitechapel High Street
London E1 7PF


The fee for Field Studies is £260. The course is limited to a maximum of 40 participants. To apply, please send a short statement to Joseph Kohlmaier The application deadline is 16 March 2015.

Studio materials, recording equipment and lunch will be provided. You need to arrange your own travel to and from the faculty, and accommodation if you live outside London.

Field Studies 2014

Musarc Field Studies 2014, © Joseph Kohlmaier/Musarc

Field Studies 2014


Tutors 2012: Akio Suzuki and Aki Onda, Claudia Molitor, Michael Klien
Workshops: Stefan Kraus and Melanie Pappenheim
Keynote talk: David Toop

Participants: Sonia Ali, Isobel Anderson, Simon Ashdown, Charlotte Bates, Annemarie Borg, Elizabeth Cackett, Nell Catchpole, Rachel Cattle, Thibault Csukonyi, Lindsay Duncanson, Aine Dwyer, Ruth Farrar, Helga Fassonaki, Jerry Fleming, Natalia Franklin-Pierce, Helen Frosi, Marek Gabrysh, Mayke Haringhuizen, Cathy Heller-Jones, Patrick Henry, Iain Hetherington, Mint Loader, Ian Macpherson, Paul Martin, Rachael Melanson, Maryam Moinie, Mary Mullen, Toby O’Connor, Edward Owosu, Albert Pellicier, Francisco Petroucci, Ed Pond, Martyna Poznanska, Amie Rai, Sabrina Recoules, Hassina Sakhri, Tim Sayer, Larry Sider, Eva Sjuve, Rick Thompson, Jacob Thompson-Bell, Giulia Vismara, Curtis Winter

Field Studies 2012

Musarc Field Studies 2013, © Joseph Kohlmaier

Davide Tidoni. Photo: Joseph Kohlmaier


Tutors 2012: Brandon Labelle, Lee Patterson, Davide Tidoni
Lectures: John Dack, Helen Frosi
Keynote talk: Christina Kubish

Participants: Joss Allen, Andrej Bako, Antoine Bertin, Ian Blake, John Boursnell, David Buck, Tom Fotheringham, Paul Freeman, Martin Hogg, Peter Hudston, Zigor Iturbe Martin, Anja Kanngieser, Fergus Kelly, Sebastian Kirmaier, Ksenija Ladic, Franke Leuwer, Leonardo Liccini, Caryl Mann, Paul Martin, Toby O’connor, Kate Ogley, Albert Pellicer, Dawn Scarfe, Francesca Sciandra, Jessica Smulders Cohen, Tom Soloveitzik, Daniela Terrile, Duncan Tullis, Esther Waterfield, Liam Wells, Trent Workman, Woon Zung

Field Studies 2011

Musarc Field Studies 2011, © David Cowlard

Photo: David Cowlard


Tutors 2011: Raviv Ganchrow, Liminal, Esther Venrooy
Lectures: David Grandorge, Ian Rawes, Allan Seago
Keynote talk: Tim Ingold

Participants: Roger Allen, Andrej Bako, Gaia Bartolucci, Emily Bates, Ev Buckley, Sasha Cashdan, David Cowlard, Caroline Drucker, Asefeh Esfahlani, Russell Finch, Siel Hermans, Sandra Jasper, Lara Karady, Sebastian Kite, Sam Levine, Mint Loader, Jodie Marks, Sam Nightingale, Toby O’Connor, Francesca Panetta, Lynn Pieraets, Agnes Poirier, Georgia Rogers, Matt Rose, Martin Seddon, Davide Tidoni, Katharina Volgger, Esther Waterfield, Alex Wendt, Kate Williams, Tim Wright, Lewis Jones

Field Studies 2010

Musarc Field Studies 2010, © Davide Tidoni

Photo: Davide Tidoni


Tutors 2010: Marc Behrens, Justin Bennett, John Levack Drever

Participants: Alexandra Albert, Russell Callow, Alessandro Carboni, Rosa Chan, Kat Davis, Christian Groothuizen, Jack Harris, Sophie Hoyle, Lara Karady, Sebastian Kite, Sarah Lovett, Toby O’Connor, Sibella Parry, Owen Price, Sabrina Recoules Quang, Louie Rice, Ines Salpico, Alberto Sanchez, Daisuke Sato, Davide Tidoni, Magnus Williams, Maria Santaleauria Badia